Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chinese Made Aqua Dots Recalled for Containing Date Rape Drug "GHB"

Millions of China made Aqua Dot toys were recalled today. If the little beads are ingested, they turn into "GHB" also known as the "date rape drug." Children have already gone into comas from swallowing these small beads that resemble little pieces of candy.

And yet, it seems that not many people care. People are still buying toys for their children that are made in China. I overheard a conversation where apparently one person said, "You don't have to worry about a toy until it is recalled." Well, then it is too late.

Why do we as Americans let this continue to happen? Why doesn't anyone stand up to our government? How many poisoned children is it going to take to get Americans to stop buying toys from China? How many deaths will it take? Don't wait until it is too late for your child. It is up to us as parents to protect our children from harm.

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